Here’s What To Do If Want To Get Ants Out Of Your House In Kitimat–Or Anywhere, Really

Try cinnamon, turmeric and coffee grounds.

Living on the coast is awesome in so many ways but having ants isn’t one of them.

The annoying little creatures quickly multiply and crawl on everything.

But when Kerri Rae was recently trying to figure out a solution she decided to post on The Kitamaat, Kitimat and Community Awareness site. 

“What does everyone do for ants here,” she wrote. “I’m not a fan. Lol.”

The post quickly filled up with tips from locals. Here are some of the best.

“Sprinkle cinnamon where they are coming in from. Lots of it. Worked for us,” suggested Kerie Kelly Mclaren.

“A mix of sugar borax and water in a container with holes in the sides and lid on top. They crawl in and take it back to the nest and it kills the ones that eat it. Borax will also kill your grass if it gets on it,” Gail Kotyluk wrote. “I also use uncooked cream of wheat. But that is only good if it stays dry out. The ants will eat it and can’t digest it.”

Pam Cambell swore by “Diatomaceous Earth food grade to protect pets.” She said that you “sprinkle it in the areas that you are seeing them. I had a horrible year of ants last year. I started using this at the beginning of this year and it’s been so effective.”

“I sprinkle out used coffee grounds around our cement pad so they don’t come into the house,” Linda Rego said. “Don’t know how to get rid of them and this helps big time!!!”

“I put turmeric in the crack between the door, and the floor that buts up against the door,” Gabby Goffinet wrote. “They won’t cross it. I also feed them out in the yard, periodically. They don’t come inside, if they already have food.”

So there you have it folks, some quality “ant-swers” to an important question. 

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